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UV Handheld Illuminators

    - High contrast visualisation    - Spill resistant body
    - UVA tubes which are safe to use     - Negligible photo nicking
    - Variety of sizes    - Dual (High-low) UV intensity
    - Plastic body    - Tube life of 3000 hrs
    - Our long term warranty to
      ensure peace of mind
    - Safety switch to turn off unit
      if inverted by mistake

List of UV Handheld Illuminators
(These are short specifications. For full specifications click on the model to visit the brand site)

Model Window size
(in cm)
No. of UVA tubes Per tube wattage Total tube wattage Warranty Brand
    Handheld Mini 6 (w) x 10 (l) 2 4 W 8 W 3 yr
    Handheld Small 6 (w) x 18 (l) 2 6 W 12 W 3 yr
    Handheld Large 6 (w) x 25 (l) 2 8 W 16 W 3 yr

In addition to the hand-held illuminators mentioned we can customize other sizes of illuminators that are required.