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White light illuminators

    - Light weight    - Small foot print
    - Large variety of sizes    - Good contrast for viewing gels
    - Plastic body    - Single intensity
    - Our long term warranty to
      ensure peace of mind
    - LED tubes for high
      intensity illumination
    - Dimming feature can be added    - LED life of > 50,000 hrs

List of White light illuminators
(These are short specifications. For full specifications click on the model to visit the brand site)

Model Window size
(in cm)
Total wattage Wattage/ sq. cm. of window area Warranty Brand
    Bianco-2 15 (w) x 10 (l) 6 W 0.08 3 yr
    Bianco-4 10 (w) x 10 (l) 4 W 0.16 3 yr
    Bianco-8 25 (w) x 25 (l) 8 W 0.13 3 yr

In addition to the equipments mentioned we can customize some other sizes of illuminators if required.