The terms & conditions put forth apply to all quotations & invoices issued by our offices.
In case of any discrepancies please email us at or call on +91 9819095429

General Information, Terms and Conditions
1. TechnoSource (TS) and EcoSep (ES) range of products are manufactured by TechResource (TR) in Mumbai, India. TR is the Sole Manufacturer of all its products and issues a Sole Manufacturing Certificate to facilitate purchasing formalities.
2. TR also custom makes products as per user specifications.
3. Patents and Industrial design registrations cover TS products.
4. All TS electrophoresis, electroblotting equipment and power supplies carry a Three-Year Warranty against manufacturing defects. All ES equipment carry a One-Year Warranty against manufacturing defects.
5. Systems marked 'Ready-to-use' include all essential components required

    to use the Apparatus (Power supply not included).
6. Spares and accessories are readily available with us
7. Repairs resulting from manufacturing defects will be done free of cost during the warranty period. In the event that any repairs are required the product can be shipped to TR office in Mumbai where it will be attended to and returned to the user.
8. Do not use chemicals that react with acrylic (PMMA).
9. Enquiries may be sent on-line to
10. Design and specifications of the apparatus can be changed from time to time to reflect improvements in design, manufacturing methods and the economical availability of inputs

1. Make sure Catalog Numbers for ordered items are correct.
2. Prices are subject to change without notice.
3. Prices are for ex-sellers place. Freight is charged on actuals or on a TO-PAY basis.
4. Taxes & Levies applicable at the time of dispatch will be borne by the Client.
    a. Present VAT @ 13.5%
    b. Order accompanied by 'C'/'D' form - Present CST @ 2%.
    c. Octroi/LBT as per local rates.
5. Quotations are valid for a period of 90 days (or as mentioned on the quotation).

1. 100 % Payment ON DELIVERY by Demand Draft, NEFT, or by crossed Account Payee cheque drawn on any nationalized bank in favour of TechResource and payable at par in Mumbai.
2. Interest @ 15% per annum will be charged if payments are not received as per
stipulated Terms of Payment.
3. Exemptions of taxes and levies can be availed of ONLY if valid forms are submitted along with the Order.

1. Products are shipped via a reliable courier service by surface transport on a TO-PAY basis.
2. Products will be shipped only after receipt of the relevant shipping permits.

1. TechnoSource brand and EcoSep brand of products are designed and made for research and educational purposes and are to be used for the same. TechResource will accept no liabilities arising out of product misuse or abuse.
2. The firm is not bound to provide live demonstrations and installations.
3. Product repair is not done on-site.
4. To and fro a transportation cost, to the TechResource office in Mumbai, for repairs is to be borne by the client when warranty is not applicable.