TechResource Calendar 2018

  This year's calendar has an exciting challenge.

- Answer the bimonthly question and win prizes

- The winners will be drawn from the entries
  Entries which win will be announced here

- The calendar has information and charts
  for daily use in the lab.

  Submit your entry for TR Challenge Here

  Contents of The TR Calendar 2018.

  Jan-Feb - Percentage of AGE and PAGE for optimal separations

  Mar-Apr - AGE troubleshooting

  May-Jun - PAGE troubleshooting

  Jul-Aug - Gel preparation chart (PAGE)

  Sep-Oct - Properties of Blotting membranes

  Nov-Dec - Decontamination of EtBr

  Back of cover page - Buffer composition

Our brands
TechResource manufactures under two brands; TechnoSource and EcoSep. Each brand has been designed according to the needs of the clients and serves a special niche.
You can get more information about the products from the individual websites below.
Since 2014 we give a three year warranty on TechnoSource brand products. We continue giving a one year warranty on EcoSep brand products.
Read the terms & conditions for full details.
Upcoming Events
We conduct free workshops and training sessions for students and teachers.
The topics are on basic instrumentation, electrophoresis and advanced electrophoresis.
To request a workshop at your college/ institute please contact us.

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TechnoSource brand of products are a premium range of equipment manufactured for the biotechnology sector.

These products are made with the closest attention to detail & are filled with features to make life in the lab a little easier.

A three year warranty is available on all TS brand products.

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EcoSep brand of products are an economy range of equipment and consumables manufactured for the science sector.

These products are built with economy in mind, meant mainly for the educational and research labs.

A one year warranty is available on all ES brand products.

Our Credo
To manufacture the best quality products in India

New in TechnoSource Brand
1. Agarose free casting solutions for vertical apparatus
2. Horizontal electrophoresis apparatus,   Submariner (gel size 23 X 20 cm) click here
New in EcoSep Brand
1.   pH meter click here
2. Horizontal electrophoresis apparatus,   Midisub (gel size 10 X 10 cm) click here
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