The terms & conditions of the warranty apply to products sold under the TechnoSource brand and EcoSep brand.
In case of any discrepancy please email us at admin@techresource.in or call on +91 9819095429


A three year warranty is available on all TS brand products.
TechnoSource brand of products are a premium range of equipment and consumables manufactured for the biotechnology sector.
These products are made with the closest attention to detail and are filled with features to make life in the lab a little easier.


A one year warranty is available on all ES brand products.
EcoSep brand of products are an economy range of equipment and consumables manufactured for the science sector.
These products are built with economy in mind, meant mainly for the educational and research labs.

Details of warranty offered

1. The warranty offered is only on manufacturing defects.

2. Repairs/ replacements done due to manufacturing defects will be done free of charge during the warranty period. However, you will be billed for applicable taxes, levies, packaging, forwarding and transportation charges

3. In the event that any repairs are required the product can be shipped to TR office in Mumbai where it will be attended to and returned to the user.
Repairs are not performed on site.

4. The warranty is not valid on products which have been misused, mishandled or broken due to user error.

5. If required the warranty period can be extended at a nominal cost.

6. Validity period of the warranty starts from the invoice date and lasts up to one year (for EcoSep brand products) or three years (for TechnoSource brand products)

7. For repairs beyond the warranty period, please contact us.