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Comet Assay Apparatus

    - For single cell comet assay    - Inbuilt levelling mechanism
    - Can be used for protein and
      DNA separation
    - Removable buffer circulation
    - Saves laboratory bench space    - Easy to use
    - Rust free plastic body    - Dual connectors per electrode
    - Our long term warranty to
      ensure peace of mind
    - Maintains pH gradient
      will not burn out at high currents.

List of Power Supplies
(These are short specifications. For full specifications click on the model to visit the brand site)

Model Number of slides Platform width Platform length Warranty Brand
    Komet-mini 8 21 cm 11 cm 3 yr
    Komet 16 21 cm 22 cm 3 yr
    Komet-L 24 21 cm 32 cm 3 yr

Some customizations to the Komet apparatus can be done for your convenience