TR Challenge 2018   Indian Edition

TR Challenge is a light-hearted and fun game.

In our calendar for 2018, we have a question/ puzzle every two months. You can send in your answers and could win exciting prizes.

At the end of the due date that is mentioned on the calendar we will draw out names of the winners.

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TR Challenge 2018

Month of Jul-Aug
Last date for submission is June 30, 2018
Prizes for Jul-Aug
Skullcandy earphones
Representational image, actual model may vary depending on the availability.

We at TechResource like to keep our clients engaged in fun stuff. Hence we keep organizing events throughout the year. This year we have initiated two such events. The first was TechReworded, an online essay competition held for undergraduates. The second is the TR challenge. This has been kept open to all, and particularly the members of the biological sciences, so that we can have a larger participation.

We hope you enjoy it as much as our team enjoyed organizing this.

Answer to the question of May-Jun


Fleming discovered Lysozyme in 1921 when he demonstrated that nasal mucus had the ability to inhibit some bacteria.
He realized that it was the action of a protein in the mucus which caused bacterial lysis. He coined the term lysozyme.
You can read the original article here

Prizes winners for the month of May-Jun.

Winners will be announced on 15th of July, 2018
  Sr. No.   Name   Affiliation   City/ District/ State

Prizes winners for the month of Mar-Apr.

No correct answers received
  Sr. No.   Name   Affiliation   City/ District/ State

Prizes winners for the month of Jan-Feb.

  Sr. No.   Name   Affiliation   City/ District/ State
  1.   Vaibhav Agre   Ramaniranjan Jhunjhunwala College   Mumbai, Maharashtra
  2.   Shinder Singh   -   Bathinda, Punjab
  3.   Rithika Rajendran   NIRRH   Mumbai, Maharashtra
  4.   Chhaminder Kaur   IIT,B   Mumbai, Maharashtra
  5.   Samruddhi Deshpande   IBB   Pune, Maharashtra
  6.   Fatima Islahi   ACTREC   Mumbai, Maharashtra

Congratulations to the prize winners. We will be contacting you shortly.