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Gel Documentation Systems

    - High contrast chromafilter    - Visual detection upto 1 ng DNA
    - UVA tubes which are safe to use     - Negligible photo nicking
    - Large variety    - Dual (High-low) UV intensity
    - Powder coated MS    - Tube life of 3000 hrs
    - Our long term warranty to
      ensure peace of mind
    - Customizable. Many additional
      features can be added.
    - Efficient cooling provided by
      correct placement of cooling fins
    - Simple & easy to use software
      for image capture and analysis

List of Gel documentation systems
(These are short specifications. For full specifications click on the model to visit the brand site)

Model Trans-illumination
Epi-illumination Camera mega pixels Ports for accessing gel Binocular eyepiece Warranty Brand
    32-18001 Yes No 18 No No 3 yr
    32-18002 Yes No 18 Yes Yes 3 yr
    32-18003 Yes Yes 18 No No 3 yr
    32-18004 Yes Yes 18 Yes Yee 3 yr

In addition to the gel documentation systems mentioned we can customize to any size of apparatus that is required.